Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why did you name it 26.2?

A. It’s well-known the distance of a marathon is 26.2 miles. It’s an incredible achievement and the number itself has become iconic and a source of pride among marathoners. Anyone who has completed or attempted 26.2 miles knows it is a feat to be celebrated. This is a beer for runners and athletes to celebrate their hard work.

Q. What is Marathon Brewing?

A. Marathon Brewing, a new project from The Boston Beer Company, allows brewers to experiment and develop beers with a new wave of drinkers in mind. We’re starting with an updated iteration of Boston 26.2 Brew, which drinkers in and around Boston have loved during the Boston Marathon season since 2012 The germ of this idea was born out of our brewer, Shelley Smith’s, own experiences with marathons and triathlons. Along with fellow marathons and her teammates, she wanted to make 26.2 Brew the right beer for drinkers looking to reward their hard work. As consumers seek better alternative options in their lives, they are looking for purpose and balance in what they eat and drink. Marathon Brewing wants to deliver the highest quality products for these drinkers today and in the future.

Q. Who is behind Marathon Brewing? Is it Sam Adams?

A. Marathon Brewing is owned by The Boston Beer Company and part of what makes us who we are is a sense of restless innovation. We wanted to create opportunities for Boston Beer to provide beverages that cater to the preferences and lifestyles of an emerging drinker category based on wellness trends across all food and beverage industries. No matter what we’re brewing or creating, we always choose the best ingredients possible to deliver the highest quality product to the drinker.

Q. What’s the history of Samuel Adams 26.2 beer?

A. The Samuel Adams brewers developed the original Boston 26.2 Brew to celebrate the legendary Boston Marathon. As a past race sponsor, we have served it around Boston every spring for the last seven years, and we know that drinkers, runners and spectators, love it.

Q. Is this the same beer as the Sam Adams Boston 26.2 Brew that they’ve put out for a few years?

A. No, a collaboration of our brewers and the many Marathon runners who work at Boston Beer Company optimized the original recipe. We added pink Himalayan sea salt and reduced the ABV slightly for a crisper body and more refreshing finish, without losing everything we know drinkers loved about Boston 26.2 Brew. We think it’s an improvement and a giant step towards giving drinkers the right beer to enjoy as a reward for their hard work.

Q. Will this beer be available nationwide?

A. Yes! For years, drinkers in Boston and visitors of the Boston Marathon asked us to make 26.2 Brew available nationwide. We’re finally doing that and giving drinkers and athletes across the country to a chance to celebrate their hard work. Please check our product finder to find 26.2 near you.

Q. What packs are available?

A. 26.2 Brew is available nationwide in stores in 6-pack bottles, 12-pack slim cans, 24 oz cans and on draft. Check out our product finder to locate a retailer near you!

Q. How is the new 26.2 recipe different?

A. We added pink Himalayan sea salt and reduced the ABV slightly for a crisper body and more refreshing finish, without losing everything we know drinkers loved about Boston 26.2 Brew. The new recipe is also lower in carbohydrates and calories, which we think athletes will appreciate.

Q. Does the new beer taste different?

A. We added more of what drinkers & athletes want and took out the stuff they wanted less of. People who have tasted our new brew agree that we did that without losing the great, thirst-quenching taste that people have come to expect from this 26.2.

Q. Does this beer have health benefits? Does that mean you can drink more of it?

A. We do not claim health benefits, but we developed a product we feel will appeal to athletes and non-athletes who are looking for an alternative to what’s available to them today. Since runners and athletes work hard to earn their beer, they want and deserve a beer that tastes as satisfying as their accomplishment feels. We believe 26.2 is that beer for them. It’s only 120 calories and the ABV is slightly lower, but we always suggest people drink responsibly.

Q. What exactly does this beer “replenish”?

A. We chose the ingredients in this beer deliberately to make it refreshing and thirst-quenching. Pink Himalayan sea salt and carbohydrates from barley and wheat work together to make 26.2 the ultimate thirst-quenching beer.

Q. What is the benefit of Himalayan sea salt?

A. Pink Himalayan sea salt is a form of sodium.

Q. Where are you going to brew this beer?

A. We will brew 26.2 at our breweries in Boston, Cincinnati, and Pennsylvania.

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